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The Database will be open to join on

8th March!


Since 2013 Project 3:38 has been gathering data on the number of women and men speaking on the national Christian platform. We have seen a gradual improvement and some event organisers making significant effort to improve the balance of women and men at their events. Several events have underlined their commitment to more balanced platforms - a hugely encouraging step forwards.

One of the challenges organisers shared with us was a lack of women across their networks who they could invite to contribute to events. As much as they would liked to have more women involved, they said they kept having to invite the same women regularly. This was no wonder, given how hard it can be for women to gain access to networks of event organisers and speakers. If you'd like to find out more about why, please download THIS paper.  

In March 2018, we achieved our longterm goal of developing a database of women who can speak at local, national and regional events on a wide range of topics and issues.  

The database gives women the opportunity to be listed alongside their areas of expertise, links to their audio and video content, and wider information about their qualifications 

We are hopeful that this database will increase the network of speakers for event organisers to consider, enabling women to gain access to what is often a closed space, dominated by men.


Through GoFundMe, you can partner with us on a project in continuing the database and our wider work, which we believe could make a real and lasting difference to the way women are represented and heard at Christian events. Take a look at our GoFundMe page to find out more and consider becoming a part of the project.

If you’d like to be kept updated about the database project, or our work, please including being invited to join once it’s completed, click on the "stay informed" button.

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